3Pcs DC motor 5V

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Small DC motor 3 to 5V 

Runs on as little as 3 Volts, 5 Volts Maximum.

Current at 5V: 400 mA No Load, 1.7A Stalled  (Do not stall for more than a few seconds at 5V). The  RoboRED, when running from an external power supply, can supply 5V at 2A which can run one of these motors. Otherwise a separate 5V supply is needed. Runs well from two AA batteries.

Can be speed controlled with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) by for Arduino.  A power transistor must be used to control the motor; for Arduino pins do not have enough power to run this motor directly.



Size: 20 * 15 * 25

Shaft length: 8mm

Shaft Diameter: 2mm

Voltage: 1-6v

Reference current: 0.35-0.4A

3v speed: 17000-18000 rpm









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