This is an introductory class to the world of Arduino. You'll learn the basics, build your first project, be introduced to robotics, and so much more. Each lesson builds on your skills, infusing new knowledge and techniques along the way.

What Is Arduino?

Arduino is a powerful microcontroller that is often used by makers, hobbyists and as an educational tool. Arduinos can be interfaced with sensors, motors, and inputs in order to create home automation projects, robotics, and electronics projects.

What Does This Course Include? 

This course starts from an introductory level and will discuss the basics of Arduino and we will learn programming, inputs and outputs, sensors, interfacing with motors, automation, and robotics. The course consists of 8 x 30-60 minute pre-recorded video lessons along with written instructions and diagrams. Included with the purchase of the course is a kit that includes an Arduino, breadboard, wires, sensors and everything else required to make these projects!


Lesson 1 : Learning The Components

Find out what you'll learn in this course, learn about electricity and the basics of circuit building with a breadboard, and get a little more context on this class' approach.


Lesson 2 : Learning The Software

You'll need to install some software to get working with the Arduino. These one-time steps will set you up for success in all your future lessons and projects! Also get introduced to coding and make a simple test project


Lesson 3 : First experiment

Learn how to use a solderless breadboard and wire/code up your first few LED-controlling circuits! This lesson covers the basics of the Arduino software/hardware workflow.


Lesson 4 : Input / Output

Now that you've got the basics, let's add some interactivity and learn about inputs! This lesson walks you through using pushbuttons, the serial monitor, analog inputs with a potentiometer, and using small motors.


Lesson 5 : Sensors

Learn how sensors work and how to interface digital and analog sensors with arduino to get a desired result. Using what we learned about sensors go on to make a detector that triggers an alarm!

Lesson 6 : Making a Weather Station

Make a weather station by encorporating many sensors into a single project. The weather station will use inputs from various sensors to tell you lots of info about the conditions of that day


Lesson 7 : Line Following Car

Incorporate motors and sensor to create a robot that can follow a line.

Lesson 8 : Mystery Machine

Incorporate everything we have learned previously to make a mystery machine !

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