Our Story

As a child i was always interested in building things and inventing. I ran into trouble because i had no clue where i could learn to create the projects i had envisioned. I also did not know where to get part to create projects. With my website, i hope you help other young inventors avoid the obstacles i had faced when i was young.

Our Vision

Having run into many problems building my inventions and pursuing my passion at a young age, I would like to provide a place where other young makers can find great projects ideas, learn from them, and find the materials they need

Meet the Team

Here are the people who make everything happen. From the makers to marketers, everyone here plays an important role in getting our projects to you.

Joshua Donald

Founder & CEO

Josh has been working on this company for the past 5 year, he is an electrical engineer and the creator of all the projects on this site


Asim Ali

Video Editor

Asim has been with the company for 2 years and edits all the videos that you love


Timothy Barrett

Sales Manager

Timothy Barrett has a MBA in sales and has been withe the company for 2 years

Next Steps…

We have done an amazing job in putting together all sorts of projects tutorials for our viewers. Check the projects page to see some of our creations.