Comprehensive Tutorials

We have a huge collection of comprehensive tutorials for various DIY projects. From electronics to robotics to rockets, you can find all sorts of cool projects here and the instructions to do them.

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Project Parts

If your like me and you prefer building projects from scratch only using the raw materials we also have something for you! We carry parts for all our DIY projects and other common hobby materials all for a cheap price

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Crazy Kits

If you are a person that likes to building and you likes DIY and loves putting projects together, we have a ton of awesome science, and robotics kits for you.

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Since 1993


As a child i was always interested in building things and inventing. I ran into trouble because i had no clue where i could learn to create the projects i had envisioned. I also did not know where to get part to create projects. With my website, i hope you help other young inventors avoid the obstacles i had faced when i was young.


Having run into many problems building my inventions and pursuing my passion at a young age, I would like to provide a place where other young makers can find great projects ideas, learn from them, and find the materials


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All the projects found on this website are also on my YouTube channel. Check out my YouTube channel to see all of our video tutorials